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Guidelines for Authors

  • Abstract along with the full paper need to be submitted for approval to the Editorial Committee by the date announced. The full paper will be reviewed by the reviewers appointed by the Editorial Committee for acceptance/modifications.
  • The paper may be limited 2500 – 3000 words. All papers should be typed on Microsoft Word using Times New Roman/Arial font with 12 pt. size. Paper size should be A4, Portrait (8.5” * 11”) using 2.0 spacing with margins 1” (top, bottom and right), and 1.5” (left). Headings & sub headings must be in bold font, justified and numbered according to level of heading as below (First Level Heading, 1.1 Second Level Heading, 1.1.1 Third Level Heading). All illustrations, figures, and tables should be placed within the text at the appropriate points, with numbers and captions. Reference/bibliographies may be cited as per APA format prescribed by American-Psychological Association (
  • Title of the paper – title should be concise and expressive of the content; a sub-title may be added if required. The main title should be followed by name, affiliation and address of the author(s) with e-mail ID and contact numbers. All papers must be accompanied by one passport size colour photograph together with a brief CV.
  • The length of the abstract should not be more than 250-300 words in italics. At least 5 keywords must be given after the abstract t with bold face.
  • KLA shall have the first publication rights to papers presented at the Seminar. Authors of the selected papers should have to submit a copyright authorization statement.
  • Click to download Declaration Form for ‘Copyright Transfer’
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