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Information and Communication Technology (ICT), an enabler and driver of change, is one of the wonderful gifts of modern science and technology which has brought out sea changes in all walks of life. Developments in ICT have resulted in the convergence of computing, communications, entertainment and mass media industries thereby providing a means of exchanging information anywhere, anytime. Naturally, application of these technologies in libraries has not only resulted in remarkable changes in their operation and services but also carved out new and active roles for librarians.

Technological developments have given Library and Information Science professionals a wider set of choices from which they can select the best mix to meet the information needs of their clients. They have also made it possible the introduction of self-service facilities, distributed delivery and tailor-made services in addition to ensuring the partnership with various stakeholders including other information service providers. The fact that ICT enables the professionals to combine ‘global reach’ and ‘local touch’ in offering various services makes their application all the more enticing.

All the developments in the related areas call for reskilling and lifelong learning for the LIS professionals. Therefore, Kerala Library Association thought it worthwhile to have a holistic, at the same time, threadbare examination of the various technologies that have influenced the information sector in the recent past in the form of a National Seminar on the topic New Information Technology Interfaces in Libraries and Information Centres (NITILIC). This Seminar is expected to give the LIS professionals as well as all other stakeholders an opportunity to critically examine the impact of the technological developments so as to work out future strategies in different types of libraries at the national level.
Kerala Library Association (KLA) is happy to announce the KLA National Seminar-2013, to be held in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, during 12-13 July 2013. The main theme of the Seminar is “New Information Technology Interfaces in Libraries and Information Centres (NITILIC)”.


  • Library and Information Science Professionals;
  • Students and Research scholars;
  • Information Technology Professionals;
  • Academic fraternity in teaching and research;
  • IT service providers, Vendors, Aggregators;
  • Content and Knowledge Managers;
  • Academic Administrators, Policy Planners

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